We are what we do

We are a young, creative company based in Norwich, Ontario, Canada with a passion for photography, design, marketing and branding. With over 5 years of experience we can, and love to deliver our clients mind-blowing online solutions.

We love to work with companies who are not only looking for a website, but who also want to invest in a complete online marketing strategy to increase their sales. We love to see our clients’ business grow dramatically (become a professional business) by being relevant, giving potential customers what they want to see, and by building long-lasting relationships.And no, we don't work according to the newest trends in the market, we create them!

Some captured facts

We started 5 years ago  with photography as our main focus for companies to promote their services online, or to use in brochures and flyers.

We spend at least 10 hours  on research and planning for web design or a marketing project without any costs before we get started.

Every website is SEO proof which means your Google ranking will be increased (in combination with professional content).

70% of our customers are starting with an online marketing plan. When all the marketing activities are based on a effective strategy, sales can increase up to 800% in our experience.

Information is the key to success. This is why we do not start on a project without having all the information, to save your money and our time.

We love what we do

Technology and gadgets, that’s what we love. The passion is what drives us to put everything we have into our projects. Building long-lasting relationships, improving marketing strategies and increasing the sales of our customers.

We are asking questions

Every project is new, every client is different. And to succeed, we want to know everything about your company, services and products. Yes, we ask a lot of questions.

We are to the point

A large project needs planning. Utilizing our management system, both we and our clients can access all the content, planning, schedules, add ideas, and make real-time changes. Working together to make your project 100% successful.

We love Mondays

Of course we love the weekends, but every weekend we are looking forward to the next Monday. A fresh start, and therefore a chance to move onto something new, and make it EVEN better than last week. And we are a day closer to the weekend..

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