Search engine optimization,will they find you or your competition?

You might spend a few thousand dollars on your website or you may have an awesome online store with over 500 products. But where are the sales, the phone calls and the quote requests? Developing a website is only 30% of what you need. Standing out amongst your competitors, and making your website valuable by being at the top in search engine results, is what will achieve your goals – sales!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting to the top in search results on Google and other search engines, creating traffic to your website and converting this traffic into sales. Until a few years ago it was easy to buy backlinks, overload your website with keywords and manipulate search engines.

Nowadays Google and other search engines are focusing on the ”user’ by providing meaningful online experiences and educating visitors about your products and services. Google wants you to answer your visitors’ questions and needs; it’s no longer about having to ‘convince’ your visitors about you.

The challenge to engage with your customers also provides endless opportunities, by stepping into their shoes and provide visitors what they are looking for. We at Albertus Photo & Design know how to optimize your website following the newest search engine algorithms. And even more importantly, we can build the ultimate strategy to give an answer to the needs of your website visitors.

Search Engine Optimization Process Albertus Photo and Design

What we do for you with search engine optimization ( SEO )

•  Analyze keyword rankings and identifying opportunity keywords
•  Target audience and competitors research
•  Setup Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to track visitors
•  Adjust and optimize website page texts and images
•  Optimize titles, meta-tags, headings, xml sitemaps and site structure
•  Valuable links on other websites and social media ( linkbuilding )
•  A/B testing on landing pages to get the highest ROI
•  Analyze and track your website visitors
•  Monthly keyword analyzing to optimize and adjust for optimal results
•  Optimize website and landing pages based on detailed monthly reports

Social Media Marketing Ontario Canada

What we accomplish for you with search engine optimization ( SEO )

• Detailed research reports on keywords, audience and competitors
• Effective SEO strategy based on long term with short term results
• Your website in the top Google results based on your keywords
• Valuable links from other websites to yours to increase SEO and traffic
• Effective and user-friendly online experience on your website 

• Detailed monthly reports with website traffic and keyword search results
• The highest ROI as possible in short term with long term results
• Local SEO to improve ranking with google searches based on geo-location
• Website and SEO optimized for mobile visitors
• 1 hour course to teach you the basics about tracking web visitors

We are there to help you, serve you and to take care of your needs

SEO as the foundation for the ultimate online marketing strategy.

SEO or search engine optimization is the most important part when you want to increase your sales through your website or online store. But reaching your online goals is not only about ranking in the organic search results. At Albertus Photo & Design we love to create the most effective online marketing strategies. This includes SEO as a strong foundation, pay per click marketing as an effective web traffic booster, and social media marketing to build your brand awareness, engage and interact with your audience. A detailed and effective marketing plan that will blow all your competitors away.

Instead of pay per click marketing, SEO costs time. Search engine optimization is a continuous process. Whoever promises you to rank your website to the first place in Google is not being straightforward with you. Ranking your website on keywords can take up to 3 months before there are any visible changes. For faster results we suggest pay per click advertising.

But we also have to say: once you started with an effective SEO strategy it will beat a pay per click advert in the long term. A search engine optimized website is the most valuable marketing tool to increase your sales in the long term and offers you the highest ROI (Return On Investment).

Teamwork Albertus Photo and Design, Ontario Canada

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

We believe in ”speech is silver but silence is golden”. We love our job and we are always trying to get the best results and the highest ROI ( Return on Investment) as we are talking about search engine optimization. To get to these results we like to know the in and outs about your company or business. What is your specific business, what are your services, what products are you selling, what is your current target audience and what are your goals?

Before we start working on your awesome project, we offer a 100% free consultation to discuss the details and to know everything about your business. Once we know what your business is about we we start creating strategies to accomplish your goals. Yes, we ask a lot of questions, and yes we will accomplish your goals.

Increasing your sales with our services? We’ve got your back!