Social media marketing, a positive impact on your business.

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest ways to promote your products / services and to interact with your audience. To engage with potential customers and to interact with current customers, social media is also one of the easiest ways. But how can you be successful on social media? How can you keep a view on all the different social media channels and options?

Albertus Photo & Design can help you to create the perfect business on social media. Social media is changing every day and even more importantly, it changes the way we interact with people. Together with our clients, we build a detailed and effective social media strategy. Through our 5 years of experience we are always on top of the newest marketing and social media techniques, and our plan is ready for the future and ready to reach your goals in the most cost effective and efficient way.

We build your social media strategy to fit your needs. We have experience with all kinds of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, Google+, Youtube, Yelp and more. Depending on your needs we use multiple social media channels in your social media plan to get the highest possible engagement with your audience. Brand continuity is important in creating a social media strategy that accurately represents your voice across all channels.

Social Media Marketing Norwich Ontario Canada

What we do for you with social media marketing

•  Conduct target audience and competition research
•  Developing a detailed and effective social media strategy
•  Setup, design and customize social media accounts
•  Social media implantation with website
•  Create frequent campaigns and posts for all social media channels
•  Monitor and analyze campaigns and analytics
•  Discover new trends in your branch for new opportunities
•  Promote your services, products and websites
•  Provide continual improvement for social media channels and campaigns
•  Offer raining for your business to get the highest ROI out of social media

Social Media Marketing Ontario Canada

What we accomplish for you with social media marketing

• Increase your online brand awareness
• Higher traffic to your website or online store
• Engagement and interaction with your audience
• Create a fast and effective online customer service
• Provide and share your products and services with your expanded audience

• Build an online community in your business and branch
• Detailed monthly reports to optimize and analyze social media
• Create effective and profitable social media campaigns
• Social media implementation in website to share content easily
• Teach you all the ins & outs to increase brand awareness on social media

We are there to help you, serve you and to take care of your needs

There is no choice on doing social media or not, it’s about how you do it!

Social media marketing has never been more important. 1.4 billion people are using Facebook, over 400 million people are on Instagram and over 300 million professionals are active on Linkedin. And this doesn’t include all the other social media channels like Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

A world full of opportunities to increase your brand awareness, engage your audience and to reach your sale goals. A lot of businesses are using social media already, but where are the results? Researching your audience and competitors is the most important part in order to have a detailed online marketing strategy, and to set your goals and make your social media successful.

Yes, social media marketing is important, but it’s supported by all the other marketing techniques in your business. Don’t just focus on social media postings. Develop a detailed, effective online marketing plan plan that includes all the marketing techniques you use for your business. Pay per click marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing to create the ultimate strategy for your business.

Teamwork Albertus Photo and Design, Ontario Canada

Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

We believe in ”speech is silver but silence is golden”. We love our job and we are always trying to get the best results and the highest ROI ( Return on Investment) as we are talking about social media marketing. To get to these results we like to know the in and outs about your company or business. What is your specific business, what are your services, what products are you selling, what is your current target audience and what are your goals?

Before we start working on your awesome project, we offer a 100% free consultation to discuss the details and to know everything about your business. Once we know what your business is about we we start creating strategies to accomplish your goals. Yes, we ask a lot of questions, and yes we will accomplish your goals.

Increasing your sales with our services? We’ve got your back!