Hi, I’m Albertus!

Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. But ever since I started my photography business, I always got the question ”How did you get started?” Most of the time my answer was “I don’t exactly know when I started taking pictures, but I wanted to become a photographer since I was born.” I know, it’s not a very good answer but often I don’t have the time to tell the entire story.

Sometimes I wonder ‘how did I actually get started? I will tell you the story, take a seat and read my blog!

It took me a long time to figure out when I actually started. When I was around 8 years old, I started taking pictures. The oldest pictures in my archive are from a holiday in August 2004.

May 30, 2004, I got my first camera for my birthday and 3 months later we had holiday in Luxembourg. All happy with my first camera I took pictures of everything I saw. Landscapes, flowers, random people in the cities and a lot more. 14 days on vacation and more than 2000 pictures taken, it was simply amazing!

Albertus Photo & Design ''one of my first pictures''
A western show in Luxembourg, one of the oldest pictures in my archive. (2004)

Before we went on this holiday I would always grab my dad’s camera and go for a walk to take pictures of everything I liked. You could say that photography was in our family, and that I have always been into it. For my dad it was a hobby, but I was totally sure about the fact that I wanted to become a photographer.

For a couple of years I used a simple compactcamera. Every week I was out in the field to capture serene landscapes and endless sunsets. In 2010 it was time for the next step, a SLR-camera.

During this time the local newspaper asked if I was willing to take pictures on events, and accidents in town. For sure! I was very suprised, but happy they asked me to do this. The following 2 years I took pictures of anything that was interesting to show in the newspaper. This was my first step into the photography business.

Event Photography Norwich, Ontario, Canada
Event Photography during the time I worked for the local newspaper.
Event Photography Albertus Photo & Design
Event Photography during the time I worked for the local newspaper.

People were starting to ask me if I could take familypictures, yes I sure can! I did this quite a bit of times but the commercial field is what interested me a bit more. I thought by myself ‘commercial photography has to become my main business, and family/wedding pictures is just for when people ask me but I won’t advertise for this.’

I expanded my network and slowly companies started to ask  if I could take pictures for their advertisements. I had to increase my photography and editing skills so I went to the local photoclub. After I finished highschool, I went to post-secondary education and followed a program for photography and design. I learned a lot, but the biggest thing I learned is that when  you want to get good quality pictures, you just have to try over and over. Practise makes perfect!

In 2014 I started a job as Marketing Manager for 3 days a week, so I had 2 days left to work on my own. It was the perfect combination. I’ve always been inspired by Online Marketing, Advertising, Webdesign and the newest technology. For me the best way to offer companies a complete package including photography, webdesign and marketing solutions.