6 Do’s to Optimize your B2B Marketing Campaigns.

Is B2B Marketing (Business to Business) that much harder than B2C (Business to Consumers)? One thing is for sure, the strategy for B2B marketing is totally different. In the big, and scary world of marketing there are a couple strategies you need to use to create a successful business. But what are these strategies? We put the 6 most important topics for your B2B Marketing strategy together in this blog.


Content is King

Content marketing has grown until one of the most effective marketing strategies in the last couple years. While it is one of the most effective strategies, it is also one of the most time consuming strategies. If you want to start with content marketing you need content, but not just this. Content is usable when it’s valuable. Search engines are looking for high quality content. Even more important is your audience, your content gives answers on their questions and needs. The number 1 way to build up a valuable relationship with your clients.

Make sure that your content is relevant for your audience, a good sample is through e-mailmarketing. Don’t just send out a newsletter, make a strategy. What do your clients want to see? How will it improve my business? How can I trigger my audience to buy my products? If you do this in a good way, it can lead to new business from existing and maybe even new customers.

Social Selling

A lot of B2B companies don’t see the value of social media marketing. These companies don’t see that B2B is actually the same as P2P. Communication from person to person. Especially in the B2B it is about building relationships, and getting in touch with individual contacts, social media has a huge impact on this. Employees can communicate in a straight line with customers.

They can answer questions, and solve problems without sending emails and making phone calls. This is why being active on social media is so important. Especially Linkedin, a great social media platform for B2B companies.

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E-mail marketing: Old but Gold

Yes, exactly. E-mail marketing. But isn’t that from 10 years ago? E-mail marketing has been effective ever since the internet was launched, and it still is. But, a lot of things are changed, back in the days you had to put in some effort to read your emails.

Nowadays you will hear the sound of an email coming out of your pocket. This means that you as a business can reach your audience at any time of the day. But what are you going to write down in the newsletter? A question to think about.

Do something with Big Data

The internet is an inexhaustible source of information, and so is your customer database. You can call this Big Data. It is important to analyze this information. Yes, that’s easier said than done. Through analysing your current customers, your products, and competition you will get a better understanding about the needs of your clients. This can be used to optimize or maybe even to change your marketing strategy. So don’t forget; Know your clients through analysing them and their companies.

Time is Money

Marketing automation helps you to analyse every lead you get, and to rank these leads. The software scores the leads, by analysing how important and ready-to-sell they are. This way you can focus on the “hot” leads and spend less time on the less valuable leads. Use your time wisely and start working with professional ranking software.
h2>The Numbers Tell the Tale

Knowing what works and what doesn’t is very important to improve and grow your business. The best way to find out is to calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) and to measure your activities. Use the results to optimize your marketing strategy. The better you measure the effects of your marketing strategy, the better it will get.

Do you have any questions about these strategies, or do you want to brainstorm about a strategy that fits your business? Contact us, and we will be happy to help you!