Email-marketing or sending digital newsletters is a perfect way to get in touch with existing customers, but only if you use it in a good way. A successful newsletter is more than sending an email in a couple minutes. Is it interesting enough for your clients to use their valuable time to read your newsletter? Can they learn something from every newsletter you send? At this point there is a big opportunity for your business and marketeers; creating valuable content.

Ingredients for the perfect newsletter

Online Course Report created the handy Infographic below. Stepwise and with a lot of tricks they show the “ingredients” for an effective digital newsletter. A newsletter which is more than sharing the latest news about your company or announcing new products. For an effective newsletter you need a strong base with a smart email marketing strategy to give value to your newsletters and to keep your customers interested.

A smart strategy for email-marketing

Before you start it is necessary to think about your goals and target audience. Maybe are your products and/or services targeted for different audiences, in this case it can be worth the time to create different newsletters for every specific audience to reach your goals. In this way you can adjust your message perfectly to the needs and wishes of your recipients.

Check, test, change, test, change, send.

When you have this clear you can start thinking about potential subjects and content for your newsletter. A content strategy can be helpful at this point. You finished your newsletter? Don’t take the risk of there being small errors  and let someone else go over it, you don’t want to have a couple spelling mistakes in a professional newsletter right?

Before you send the newsletter to your target audience, send a test to yourself and to a couple co-workers. Does everything looks good? Are the links working? After the final check you can (finally) send your newsletter. Take a look at the graphics in the infographic below for the best days and time to send your newsletter and make sure that your newsletter will be send at the perfect time to your audience.

Do you want to read all the tips & tricks and learn how to improve your email-marketing skills? Scroll down and take a better look at the infographic. Click on the picture for a bigger size, print it and hang it on your office wall. Make sure you have these handy tips always around!

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How to create the ultimate newsletter (INFOGRAPHIC)