The Bible, why it is an unbeatable sample of content marketing

We can find Bible stories everywhere around us, and that’s not strange. The Bible is the most read book in the world, the book with the most cited quotes, and translated more than any other book in the world. In the Bible you will find content for eternity. And that explains the title of this post. There is no book what inspires people so much for more than thousands of years, and content marketing can learn something from this!

Bible stories are all around us, direct or indirect, and they keep coming back every time. Especially during Christmas, Easter & Pentecost while we, how coincidental, all have a day of to remember and experience these days. Besides commercials you will find the Bible in Hollywood, video clips, theaters, TV-shows and in the world of art. From Boogie Down’s rap (Why Is That) and 2Pac (So Many Tears) till U2 (Album “October”) and Leonard Cohen (Hallelujah).

The stories are strong, for centuries already; the stories are transferred from generation to generation. In this time the Bible has gathered millions of faithful followers and ambassadors. They are sharing their stories in churches, through TV, on radio channels and through online meetings. The stories, quotes and wisdom from the Bible are so enthralling which makes millions of people go to church on Sundays to sing, make praise, and pray.

What is your story?

When you have that many ambassadors, “The Word” will spread by itself. A manual filled with Christian norms and values, a moral compass. A handbook what will explain how to live, with Jesus as Foreman. Like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg in the current world.

Content which has been shared for centuries by millions of people. People who live according to these stories, stories which inspire them, and penetrate in art & culture. Content for eternity, isn’t that what every brand is trying to reach? Next week I will publish the 10 commandments of content marketing according to the Bible. Because the Bible is the only, unbeatable example of how content marketing has to be!