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Some pictures are worth more than a thousand words, but aerial photography is worth even more! They integrate, amaze, and sell. Astonishing aerial photos can be taken by Albertus Photo & Design. By using the newest technology, our drones called quadcopters, will take the most special and high quality pictures on location.

Footage is live connected to our ground station, this gives us the opportunity to view real-life on our screen what the camera sees. This results in perfect shots and you as the client can review the recording to view the shots you’re looking for.

Aerial shots result in amazing overviews and promotion material, as well as planning tools for your building projects, safety inspections, or as a beautiful showcase for your property.

Aerial photography for real estate, office, and industrial buildings

Aerial photography includes a wide range of options for companies in almost every business industry. Our drones are armed with high-resolution cameras to capture every detail and to make it possible to use your aerial pictures online and offline in high-quality prints.

Capturing your real estate from above, results in a unique view of the whole property. Unique pictures for you as owner or broker is very important to stand out amongst your competition. Not only for amazing overviews, but also useful to inspect and measure properties.

For you as a business, aerial photography is the solution to show off your construction projects, building projects and landscape projects. We will provide you with high quality pictures from a bird’s eye view so you can show off your portfolio with stunning aerial pictures.

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Unique perspectives, endless possibilities

All photos can be taken from different perspectives and different heights. A vertical shot from a height of 750 feet, or a spectacular shot from above the water. By using the newest GPS technologies, photos can be taken from the places that at first seemed inaccessible.

Our drone possibilities are endless:
Aerial Photography for Real Estate
Aerial Photography for Hotels & Resorts
Aerial Photography for Promotion & Advertising
Aerial Photography for Property Surveys
Aerial Photography for Inspections & Purposes
Aerial Photography for Events, Concerts & Festivals

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