Is real estate photography really that important?

Probably one of the most ignored and underestimated elements for brokers and real estate marketing. Around 90% of potential home buyers are looking for a home on the internet, and this number will increase every year. High quality pictures are the first and if you’re doing it wrong, also the last impression of your real estate. Real estate photography is the most important part of your online listing!

Real Estate Photography, the importance and the benefits Ontario, Canada

Why you should hire a real estate photographer, or why not.

Probably you all know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, what they forget is that a professional photo is worth more than that to a real estate agent, it can give increase to the number of referrals and present a professional image to potential buyers. For starting real estate agents, this may be a risk to take, especially if there are still no enough finances. They may also be doubtful of the effective result of professional real estate photography.

Professional photographers will focus on the best features of your property and make them stand out of other listings. It’s our job to make your listing stand out above the competition. Our goal is to make the potential buyer want to look at that specific property more than the others, and hopefully convince that buyer to visualize themselves moving in before they even walk through the front door!

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