Commercial Video & Photography - Waterloo, ON

Albertus Photo & Design received the opportunity to visit Redline Structure’s job site located in Waterloo to capture the rapid building process on screen. This construction project was visited every 2 weeks in a time span of 4 months with the use of Aerial Photography and Aerial Video. However, construction photography and a video were not the only rewarding aspects, a Web Design Maintenance Plan was also put into action.


Client:  Redline Structures Inc.
 Waterloo, Ontario
 Summer, 2016
What did we do:
 Construction video & commercial photography
Link to Website:

The Essential Footage Process

Albertus Photo & Design brought their qualified skills to Redline Structure’s job site at the beginning of February 2016 and finished the Aerial Photography and Aerial Video in the month of July 2016. During this 6 month period, Albertus Photo & Design managed to capture the crucial clips and photos resulting in a beautiful final product to share with Redline Structure’s audience.  A great job again for Redline Structures, like we did before in Grimsby & Guelph.

Video as Shareable Content

Construction Photography was used as an easy tool to display the project process and to use on their website. The Construction Video was used to show the relevant pieces of the project development composed into a final clip to share with their audience, and individuals who helped through this whole operation.

Aerial Footage as a Valuable Addition

Ground footage video shots of this building process captured essential parts to include in the final video. However, something else was missing, something unique that could capture the whole layout of the building from a completely new perspective. This is where Aerial Photography and Videography was put into action. The drone usage created incredible shots to show the viewers the process in a final video.

Commercial Video & Photography - Waterloo, ON

Web Maintenance Plan

A few remarkable pictures of the building were chosen and uploaded to Redline Structures website which Albertus Photo & Design also created. This was to give people the opportunity to see the development of the project on Redline Structures website. Along with that, a Web Maintenance Plan was created and developed in order to maintain the user friendly experience for the viewers.

Project Pictures