Web Design Tiltwall Ontario Inc. - Woodstock, 2016

Albertus Photo & Design recently finished designing a new and improved website for Tiltwall Ontario Inc. located in Woodstock, Ontario. Their decision to upgrade their website was highly beneficial as their previous website was over 7 years old.

Webdesign Woodstock - Tiltwall Ontario Inc.


Client:  Tiltwall Ontario Inc.
 Woodstock, Ontario
 Summer, 2016
What did we do:
 Web Design / Web Development / CMS integration
Link to Website: www.tiltwall.ca

Webdesign with user-experience in mind

Albertus Photo & Design created this website with a main goal in mind, to show Tiltwall’s audience the unique way of construction using the Tilt-Up technique. This construction technique is not well-known, so the content had to be easy to read in order to develop an understanding on the process and benefits. The use of commercial photography helped to clarify the process and possibilities of Tilt-Up construction.

Responsive Webdesign

All of Tiltwall’s projects were integrated onto their website to give their audience an impression on the possibilities using an easy-to-use interface to show people more about tilt-up construction. We developed a responsive web design to ensure that the website is responsive on every device that is used, whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

A WordPress based website, an easy use CMS System

Multiple aspects and characteristics were integrated into the website, including a dynamic design with a moving background to create a modern and professional look. One of the most vital characteristics added was a responsive web design resulting in a great user experience on all devices. Albertus Photo & Design added blog integration and the projects Tiltwall has successfully completed so their potential clients can gain some relevant knowledge on their work. The complete website is designed in WordPress, an easy-to-use CMS System to give Tiltwall the ability to make changes, add projects and information in a easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.