Web design for Tiltwall Ontario Inc. in Woodstock, Ontario.

Albertus Photo and Design visited Tiltwall based in Woodstock Ontario in January 2016 to develop a Responsive Web Design System.

An efficient software program called WordPress was put into place so that Tiltwall can upload their own projects and blogs themselves.

With Tiltwall’s focus on educating people about Tilt-Up Construction, we developed an Educative Web Design with concise texts and information so viewers leave with knowledge about the business.

In order to maintain a positive online user experience, we used pictures on every webpage to explain the construction method. We also developed a blog integration to share news articles and projects with the target audience to keep them updated with new information frequently.

While Tiltwall takes care of their content through WordPress, Albertus Photo and Design takes care of the hosting and web maintenance to make sure that the website stays up-to-date without any issues creating a user friendly system company and most of all for the web visitors.


Client: Tiltwall Ontario Inc.
Location: Woodstock, Ontario
When: February, 2016
What did we do: Responsive web design


Tiltwall Woodstock - Web Design by Albertus Photo and Design
Tiltwall Woodstock - Albertus Photo & Design Web Design