A WordPress CRM system to manage your own website easily

A WordPress Content Management System (CRM) is the optimal solution if you want to manage your own website. A user-friendly and powerful system to add your own news posts, blogs or to add projects to your website. Easy to use and to manage, without any knowledge about web design. A big opportunity for you as a business if you want to frequently add new content on your website.

We take care of developing your website according to the newest standards in the web design industry. A clean code, optimized speed, and ready to beat your competition with custom search engine optimization options. Everything to provide your visitors a user-friendly experience with a high speed and without any bugs.

You can take control of your website through the WordPress dashboard. We customize the back-end of your WordPress website, so you can add or change the content you want. Whether it is a news post, a new project, pictures for your photo album, or a blog post. And everything with just a couple of mouse clicks. WordPress is the most widely used CRM system in the world with over 18 billion users. Are you next?

Wordpress CMS System Ontario Canada

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The extra features of a WordPress website with a custom CRM-System.

All our websites are built with WordPress. Whether it is Responsive Web Design or an e-commerce online store. To create a powerful content management system we customize the back-end of your website, with a personalized dashboard based on your needs. All the features in your dashboard are adjusted to the content you want to post on your website. It is also possible to manage your pages, add additional pages, change menus and much more.

After we develop your personal dashboard you can manage your website with the skills you are using for text editors like Word. What you see is what you get! Without any knowledge about coding, HTML or CSS you can change the content on your website with a couple mouse clicks. An outstanding opportunity if you want to take care of your own website.

A custom and personalized Content Management System for WordPress is an extra feature to our responsive web design and also for our e-commerce services.

Setup new products, add pictures and change product descriptions in a few minutes. Managing your website has never been easier!

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We believe in ”speech is silver but silence is golden”. We love our job and we are always trying to get the best results and the highest ROI ( Return on Investment) as we are talking about content management systems. To get to these results we like to know the in and outs about your company or business. What is your specific business, what are your services, what products are you selling, what is your current target audience and what are your goals?

Before we start working on your awesome project, we offer a 100% free consultation to discuss the details and to know everything about your business. Once we know what your business is about we we start creating strategies to accomplish your goals. Yes, we ask a lot of questions, and yes we will accomplish your goals.

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